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365 Days Ago...

Three hundred and sixty-five days ago the world lost Stuart Scott. We all lost Stuart Scott. 

Whether he was a father, a friend, a co-worker, a cancer fighter, or the guy you woke up to on SportsCenter every morning, Stuart Scott made a lasting impression on so many lives. 

I wasn't lucky enough to call Stuart a friend or a co-worker, but he's a bigger part of my life than anyone would ever know. 365 days ago I lost my idol. My dream has always been to work for a major sports network and Scott is the one who has inspired me to live that dream and to fight like hell for it. 

Stuart Scott changed SportsCenter. He challenged the traditional ESPN culture, but that is what makes Stuart Scott so special. He didn't feel that he needed to change who he was to get to the biggest stage. He brought his culture and his personality to SportsCenter and boy are we all lucky that he did. 

Stuart Scott gave us his famous catch phrases like "Booyah" and "As cool as the other side of the pillow," but more than that he gave the world inspiration. He gave cancer fighters strength. He gave aspiring sports anchors hope. He gave so many people a friend, a father or a family member. 

I may have never gotten the chance to meet Stuart Scott and I will never be blessed with the opportunity to sit in that chair next to him at the SportsCenter desk, but he will forever be the reason that I keep chasing my dream. He is the reason so many people love watching sports. He is the reason that many people battling cancer keep fighting. 

Scott left the world way too soon, but before he went he left us one last gift. Scott's speech at the ESPY's brought the sports world to tears. He gave the world strength and motivation amidst his own hardships. Stuart Scott exemplified the very definition of courage as he accepted the Jimmy V Award at the ESPYs in 2014. 

You've been gone for a year, but you've inspired me for life. 
We miss you Stuart Scott... We all do.

Your friend and fellow anchor.

Your daughters. 

The President of the United States.



365 days ago Stuart Scott took his final breath. 365 days later his legacy lives on stronger than ever.

Thank you, Stuart Scott.