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Playing with Passion

Richard Sherman has been all over the news and social media over the past few days after his outbreak during a post-game interview with Erin Andrews following the Seahawks NFC Championship victory on January 19, 2014. I am not here to argue that what Sherman did on live television in front of the entire country was appropriate or necessary, but I will argue that Sherman doesn't receive the level of respect that he deserves. 

Sherman graduated from Stanford University, and was salutatorian of his high school class. There aren't many professional athletes who have academic credentials like that. Sherman is no bonehead or "thug" like he has been referred to as  many times through social media. He is a man who overcame the odds. He grew up in a rough neighborhood, where there may not have been much hope for a bright future, and he excelled. Through his hard work and dedication to football and his studies, Sherman was able to become a huge success both on the field and off. 

Back to the events that took place during Sherman's interview with Erin Andrews... Sherman's remarks were unnecessary. To some people it showed signs of immaturity and a lack of professionalism. I saw something different. 

I saw a player who was told his whole life that he was not good enough find greatness. I saw a player who was taunted by Michael Crabtree in one way or another win the battle. I saw a player who just topped his college coach, that tried to ruin his future at the next level. I saw a player who proved his point to every team that passed him up in the draft. But most of all, I saw a player who wears his heart on his sleeve each and every game. A player who plays with passion and a fire inside of him. While the rest of the country is criticizing him for letting his emotions get the best of him, I have nothing but respect for Richard Sherman. It is good to know that there are still athletes out there who give it their all every game and play with all their heart. Richard Sherman it's your time to shine, don't let anyone get the best of you.